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Pet insurance is designed to protect you against expensive vets' bills as well as other eventualities such as cover for ongoing illnesses, death from illness or accident, cover for advertising and a reward if your pet gets lost and much more.

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pet insurance

Protection against vet bills

Pet insurance is common in many european countries. However, it remains rare in the united states. Without pet heath insurance, many american pet owners have to suffer from the financial loss due to pet emergencies. For example, a blood test for a cat or a dog can cost pet owner $150 and a tumor surgery may cost as much as $2,500. The worst is that a pet owner may, sometimes, have to choose euthanasia for his or her beloved pet due to financial problems.

Dog Insurance Cover

Some say no one really benefits from having pet insurance even in the case of major medical incidents. In reality, pet insurance not only reduces expenses for routine vet visits but can also provide a significant financial cushion to protect against the expense of accidents and illnesses. With the latest developments in veterinary medicine, new treatments can help cure diseases that used to result in euthanasia.

These treatments can be expensive, but no one wants to deal with the guilt of not being able to afford their pet's healthcare. If you have heard a myth or rumor about pet insurance that we don't address below,. We'll be happy to give you the facts so you can make the best decision for your pet.

Pet insurance is available, what it pays, and how it works. So you don't have to worry if the dog is hurt by breaking your Glass Shower Screen. Let us help you make an informed decision before you buy and find our if pet insurance is really right for you. 10 things you should know before buying pet insurance. Find out what you should be asking as you shop for the policy that's best for your pets.

But even a pet euthanasia is expensive - it may cost up to $300. Under these circumstances, pet heath insurance is clearly a must to many pet owners. Pet insurance can protect pets from the possibility of a financial stop-treatment decision and even do more - a good pet insurance will provide cover for any vet's fees as well as loss, damage or injury that might be caused by a pet. Generally speaking, pet insurance can help pet owners pay for these important veterinarian expenses and more:.

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Pet insurance is a good deal for you, calculate how much you'll pay for your pet's healthcare if you obtain insurance (include premiums, deductibles, copays, expenses after caps, and expenses for excluded services) and compare that to how much you would pay out-of-pocket if you don't have pet insurance. How much you'll pay depends on several factors, including:. The older your pet, the higher the premiums will be.

Some policies don't cover dogs older than 9 or 10. If your pet is young now, remember that premiums will go up. Purebred dogs and cats tend to have more health problems than mixed breeds. If the insurance policy covers the ailment that is most likely to affect your pet, insurance may be a god-send. But check the fine print: many policies don't cover particular conditions common in certain breeds.

Solving the insurance crisis facing dog owners. Without a doubt, dog owners need insurance that will protect them from injuries caused by their dogs. The current cut-backs on canine liability insurance are the biggest issue facing dog owners far more important than the threat of breed bans. Insurance for canine inflicted injuries must be made available and affordable to all but the owners of truly dangerous and vicious dogs.

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