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-If you are employed you will be required to have: payslips for 3 immediate previous months; tax agent prepared tax return, ATO Notice of assessment, and Pay As You Go PAYG Summary, and Letter from employer.

-Self-employed customers may be required to have: ATO (Australian Tax Office) assessment notices together with Individual Tax Return for the previous 1 year, and Tax Return for your business; Profit and Loss Statement; and Balance Sheet for the previous 1 year. Other lenders may also request for proof of continuity of business and office address.

-If you get your income from home or business rent, you need to provide the following to confirm that indeed you are receiving the money: a current signed lease, tax return, recent rental statement, and a real estate agency letter.

-The lender may require you prove that you are earning an interest or profit if you are having any other business type: shareholding statement, tax returns from the last two years, and a record of investment.


Getting The Personal Loan Paperwork Right

A personal loans an unsecured loan meaning that there is no collateral if you fail to repay. This makes it even harder getting around the paperwork needed to secure the loan. Since the lender is not wholly assured you will pay the loan to the end, failure to turn up with the right document may see your application turned down.

Personal Information

Your personal documents will be required for identification in order for the lender to keep a record of your personal loan. These may require: you’re Passport, Driving license, Photo ID. If you do not have some of this document, you may be required to produce documents such as: birth certificate and citizenship certificate among others.

Proof of Income

To secure a personal loan you will need to show the lender that you are currently able to get a substantial income. The documents for a salaried income may differ from those who are in self-employment:






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Credit history

You should be ready to supply information about your previous credit and borrowing history to improve the chance of getting the personal loan. This may include: Credit report disclosure form, which allows the lender to get information about your previous credit reports and credit scores. Bankruptcies information, which is required if you have previously been declared bankrupt and should detail how the situation has since improved.

The lender may also need you to declare your assets and liabilities to determine you capacity to repay a personal loan. Apart from your savings bank details, you may also be required to provide a list of any other assets you have e.g. property or motor vehicle assets. Liabilities may include you’re a statement about your existing loans, and credit card statements.