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Causation The Most Difficult Part of a Medical Negligence Claim

When you visit a hospital or take on the services of a medical practitioner you expect them to follow certain standards of service. If there is a gross breach in the standard of medical care then the patient is subject to huge health risks and this is known as negligence on medical grounds. In other words it means that the specific doctor or clinic/ hospital has failed to provide care according to the standard of reasonable professional practice.

What is the importance of causation?

Whether or not the court is going to award you compensation on grounds of medical negligence depends on how well your compensation lawyers have established causation. If the defending lawyer proves that your injury might have happened regardless of the actions of the practitioner then there is no scope for compensation.

It’s important that your Medical Negligence Lawyers prove that the probability of your damage happening was increased by the incorrect actions or the negligence of the concerned medical care provider.





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What is causation

When you or a close friend or relative has been the victim of negligence then there is bound to be a feeling of panic and betrayal in your mind. This is because hospitals and doctors are almost inadvertently looked upon with trust and unquestioning belief.

If people in the medical profession fail to deliver up to expectations then you have to prove that their negligence has damaged your physical condition or caused a personal injury.

You must gather evidence proving that the damage was done by the careless actions of the medical care providers and not by some other source. Establishing this connection is called establishing “causation”. This evidence will be presented in a court of law to reinforce your claim for compensation on grounds of medical negligence.