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What kind of camera is suitable for accident photography?

You don’t have to equipped with expensive high end cameras to take photos of the accident site. Artistic detailing is not required as these photos are meant for legal evidence. Any kind of camera device which you may happen to possess at the time of the accident should be sufficient.

If you have a proper camera then nothing beats that. Otherwise you can use your smartphone, tablet or simple mobile phone to take a few clicks. Try to ensure that you have a time and date stamp on your clicks.

What if you are forced to go to court?

After being involved in the accident circumstances may force you to attend the court hearing to face charges. The first thing you should do in this scenario is to hire expert Compensation Lawyer. The prosecuting lawyers will have to prove the following. You were driving the vehicle involved in the accident and you failed to stop after the accident occurred. You have knowingly ignored injured people involved in the accident and have failed to divulge your truthful contact details. If all this is proved at court you are in serious trouble.







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What should the photos focus on?

The photographs should focus on capturing essential details of the accidents. Remember quantity equals quality here as you never know which particular photo might come in handy.

You should take photos of how badly damaged your vehicle is in the accident. Also photograph the other involved vehicles and their condition. Take special notice of any slide or skid marks on the ground along with broken damage evidence such as shards of glass, vehicle parts etc.

Photographs should be taken of the injuries that the passengers and other drivers have sustained. Another important aspect is the license and VIN numbers of the car. The photos should include any kind of internal damage suffered by the car too.


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