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Dog is brushed to remove dead hair and the nails are trimmed. The dog is bathed with a deodorising shampoo or on thick coated breeds with a special shampoo designed to facilitate brushing thick coats. While the dog is soaped up with the shampoo, we brush the shampoo through the coat which removes more of the dead hair and insures the shampoo is worked thoroughly through the coat.

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washing and Grooming dogs

Bathing your dog

Dog is dirty and needs a bath. Maybe the pooch rolled in something, maybe he/she went swimming and now smells like srap or maybe it's something more serious that can't be fixed with a bath. In this article i've compiled some of the most common causes of bad dog smell complete with tips on how to get rid of dog smell.

See below for tips on how to get rid of dog smells directly from the dog, and see the left for ideas on how to get rid of dog smell from your home. Get rid of dog smell at the source. Wash your dog properly. Too many people do not wash their dogs properly.


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Dog Hydro Bath

If the dog is just shedding a lot, then a good brushing will do. If your dog's face and eyes look dirty, but the rest of his body seems clean, then a simple wipe-down with a wet cloth will suffice. According to many groomers, if you bathe your dog too often, it can dry out their skin and strip natural oils from the dog's coat. Only wash the dog if he needs it. Theories/speculation. Some people think that because they're animals, dogs never need baths. Others think that dogs are a lot like humans, and they need to bathe every other day. Most groomers think that there is a middle ground for all of this, and that finding it will help improve your dog's health. Try a hydro bath.

If the dog is large or has long hair, you can always double the recipe. Don't be alarmed when the mixture bubbles up. That's just the peroxide reacting with the baking soda, like the volcano kids always make at the science fair. It will actually help to neutralise the smell. Hydro dog wash.

However, due to this reaction, you will have to use this mixture immediately after you mix it. Do not wait - and don't seal it away in a container, for obvious reasons. The cleaning process. Lather the dog in the hydro bath. With your dog in the tub or a secure outdoor area, speak calmly and positively to him as you wet his fur and then lather him up with the soap mixture. Wash his entire coat, but if you know of the area on his body where he was sprayed, pay special attention to that area.








First, check the dog over thoroughly for any obvious stink sources such as something they rolled in or poop stuck in the fur. Check the feet, too, and make sure there's nothing stuck between the toes or pads.

Next, stick some cotton in doggy's ear and wet the entire animal thoroughly. Once wet, using a gentle dog shampoo, lather the dog up good and proper.


The inside of each ear is cleaned with ear cleaner and the ear leather is shampooed to remove dried wax and dirt. The dog;s face is washed, and also special attention is given to making sure the area under the dogs tail is cleaned of faecal matter which sometimes gets stuck to hair under the tail and on the back legs. We use a dryer in the tub.

This is a high velocity dryer designed for the purpose of removing dead and shedding hair from the coat and to begin the drying process. Then we towel dry the dog to remove any excess water. Dog is worth not having to touch it while you wash it. No that's completely the opposite of what i think. Maybe they'll make one of these for kids so lazy parents can stay clean.