Clipping and Brushing your dogs

For all dog and pet clipping and tooth brushing this is how to keep your dog look great without spending a load of money

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dog brushing and clipping

Its a bonding experience for both you and your animal.

Spend time with your pet making sure he or she looks and smells great and pet ownership will be even more pleasurable. Get your pet ready for beautiful photos

Dog Clipping

Clipping is very easy to do and only takes some practice to learn. Learning to strip your dog's coat. Applies to wire hair foxies and airedales. I personally like to leave my collies looking like lions. I shave the body starting at the shoulders and leave the massive ruff and a furry tail. Cocker owners often want to shave the back and sides of the body but leave the hair on the legs. Others simply want as much hair as possible off the dog and the entire dog is shaved. Regardless of your preference, the use of the clippers will be the same.

To begin, make sure you are not working around any water. This may sound silly but people have been known to clip their dog in the bathtub thinking it would be easier to clean later while outside there is always the chance of water puddles. Simply put, electric clippers and water do not mix. If you are working with the animal off the ground, you may want to place some type of blanket/padding on the ground in case of accidental dropping of the clippers.

Like the timex watch, these clippers can usually take a licking and keep on ticking but there is a limit to the amount of abuse any of them can take. Turn the clippers on and allow the dog to get used to the sound. Hold the clippers near his/her head and once that has been accepted, lay the side of the clipper against the skin so the dog will become accustomed to the vibration. Dog Brushing and Clipping. Find more for Dog Clipping Brisbane.

Clipping is purely cosmetic. It's true that many dog owners feel that clipping of the tail is particularly attractive in certain breeds of animals such as doberman pinchers. Other dogs, such as tracking dogs that work in thick brush, are more subject to tail injuries and this is the reason their owners have their tails clipped. Dogs like rat terriers normally have their tails clipped because the dog is small but its tail grows very long. For some owners this makes the dog look awkward.

In some countries which have banned tail cropping reported injuries to particular breeds have risen considerably tending to back up the argument that the clipping is done for the sake of the dog. Having a dog's tail clipped is completely up to the owner of the dog. The owner should speak to a veterinarian about having the procedure done rather than perform the surgery at home brutally. Some vets no longer agree to perform the surgery forcing the owners to go elsewhere. Many veterinarians still perform the service and can prescribe medications to prevent infections and pain.






Dog Teeth Brushing

Brushing is not a pleasant experience for them and you want to make it as painless as possible for dogs. Put some toothpaste on the finger brush or toothbrush. Gently lift their upper lip to expose some of the teeth. You don't have to force open their jaw, actually that would make the dog hate the experience more. Gently brush each tooth. Most dogs will swallow toothpaste right away so you don't have to rinse their mouth.

Brushing is much easier on a dog compared with being anesthetized for a teeth cleaning, especially true if the dog is a senior citizen. An older dog’s liver has a harder time breaking down the anesthetizing drug. If your dog has not had regular brushing or a dental cleaning since you adopted her, you must get an idea of the shape the teeth are in. Lift your dog's lip to get a good look at the teeth. Is there tartar along the gumline? is there an odor coming from the dog's mouth? if you answered yes, consult with your veterinarian and come up with a plan for your dog's dental care. See more about beauty treatments.

You may be able to hold off with having the dog anesthetized for a cleaning and start brushing the teeth every day to get problems under control. On the other hand, if your vet feels your dog is healthy enough, and young enough, for the procedure, a thorough, professional cleaning may be in order. Your dog will need to be fasted for several hours before the procedure so there will be less chance of gastric upset while she is under anesthesia.

When you pick up your dog from the vet after the cleaning, ask her the best way to keep up with your greyhound oral hygiene now that the teeth are really clean. Dog enzymatic toothpaste comes in different flavors such as poultry, vanilla mint, or malt to make it more appealing. Offers enzymatic toothpaste for dogs.

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