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Best Practices to Make the Most of a Trade Show

Participating in a tradeshow is a great way to gain good publicity and make lots of good contacts. However many tradesmen go through the process of participation in a mechanical way without even trying to utilize the potential that the show has to offer. If you are participating in a trade fair you need to know about some tricks that will help you make the most of this opportunity.

Hone your pick up skills

Your booth will have a meager 5 seconds to the capture the attention of the potential customer. In such a situation if the first impression is bad the potential customer is not going to look back in your direction. It’s imperative that you produce a pick up line which is catchy, smart and relevant to your business.

Your pick up line should make people stop in their tracks and ask you for more information. Practice your lines whenever you get the chance so that you are fully prepared for the D day.





Apply a conversational tone

The idea here is to involve the customer in conversation and then try to strike a chord with him/her. If you look around at the adjoining Trade Show Stands you will see that everybody is busy delivering excited pitches. By the time a customer reaches your booth he/ she will have listened to scores of pitches.

For example, you want to be noticed by customers, what you need to do is give the customer a break and strike up a conversation instead. Appear interested in what the customer says, ask for feed back and suggestions and you are sure to see a lot of sales activity happening in your booth.