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Dogs are known as "man's best friend" and for good reason.

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Tips to Keep in Mind when Getting a Signage Makeover Done

Business signages are a common presence in most company premises. General boards, hoardings and signages are usually required to help broadcast a company name as also to act as a point of information regarding its key products or services. In most cases, signages of company offices around a particular region usually sport a uniform signage design. However, small entities or individually owned companies may not require a uniform signage design should they have more than one business location, though uniformity in design is a highly preferred choice.

Signages once installed are not often removed or replaced very frequently. Once designed, most marketers choose to stick to the same design for a couple of years. However, after a period of time, it is always advisable to update your signage design and make it more creative and attractive. If you are thinking of business signage, choose





Change the colour scheme

In most cases, marketers prefer to use colour schemes that exist in the brand or company logo and design. That helps create a sense of uniformity in the eyes of the target market. However, when you are planning to give your signages a makeover, it always helps to start with the colour scheme first.

You may want to stick to similar colour combinations so that the signages represent the logo and core of the branding message. However, a makeover can only happen with a new colour scheme. Try to choose a different colour for your new signages and stick to uniform colours for your paper branding purposes, for instance the letterheads, business envelopes, visiting cards and so on.


Line markings are necessary in places like driveways, roads, sports fields and others.