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Common documents needed when doing a renovation

When clients seek the aid of renovation builders, there will be papers that are required to get the project up and running. Without these documents, the project will cannot proceed. Often times,the renovation builders will take care of these in behalf of their clients as part of their service and the payments for these already come with the . Here are three documents commonly filed and needed for a renovations project.


Blueprints are highly required and will be the first document to be processed in the first step of renovation. This will be provided for by the architect or the engineer of the renovation builders the client has chosen. A blueprint, known for the blue paper with its white ink markings, is a plan containing the architectural technicalities of the project. In the case of the house renovation, the blueprint bears everything from the front, back and side view of the room to be renovated as well as its flooring plan, measurements and a list of the materials needed. This is needed as this will serve not only as a guide for the engineer or architect who will oversee the project but it also a requirement for the next document needed which is the building permit.

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Building Permit

The building permit is another important requirement as this is needed to ensure that the construction, or in this case, the renovation process promotes the health and safety of everyone who are involved and working behind this project. A building permit requires a blueprint and will be reviewed by a local government inspector assigned to review those papers. Once this has passed their standards, the work begins and the inspector will drop by to visit the area to make sure everything has been followed. Renovation builders will often acquire this in behalf of their clients rather than the other way around depending on the contract both parties have agreed on.

Water and Electricity Connection Permits

Water and electricity connection permits are additional requirements for renovations that may require having a modification of the existing water and electric plans the house is following. Like the building permit, this will have plumbing plans and electrical plans respectively and will pass through the same process as the architectural blueprint and will be checked possibly by electrical engineers and mechanical engineers or any profession who specialize in those fields respectively and are working for the local government. The checking will be done before and after the project has started.