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Tips for Maintaining Rainwater Tanks

In a country where water is scarce, rainwater becomes a very important source of water. You can get potable water and water for bathing, cooking and other household chores very easily from rainwater. It works as a secondary source of water and in some areas it also works as primary source of water. Installing and maintaining rain water harvesting system is very easy.

Maintain your rainwater tank regularly

Though maintenance is very less, carrying out the basic maintenance increases the life of the rainwater tank and gives you clean water for a longer time. It is advisable to hire a maintenance service for annual or quarterly maintenance. There are some small regular maintenance procedures doing which would save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

Some very common maintenance tips include covering the tank properly and installing filters to filter out sediments.

Leaf strainer is the mesh that covers the water inlet. This mesh help block large debris like leaves from entering the storage tank. This needs to be cleaned regularly so that it is not blocked.

Tank lid should be cleaned so that it does not rust or crack in the varying climatic conditions. Ensure that you don’t keep anything heavy on it and that dust and dirt don’t accumulate on it.





In ground filters and sand filters

Ground filters are connected to the water pipes coming from all the downspouts and into the water tank. These are commonly used for large roofs.

Sand filters are installed specifically to obtain potable drinking water.

First Flush diverters and drip irrigation filters

These are used to flush away the initial rainwater that gets collected as it contains a lot of debris that is lying on the rooftops.

Drip irrigation filters are used to filter rainwater adequately so that it can be used for irrigation.

Filtration for home use

Water needs to be filtered off elements that make it hard like calcium deposits; for using in toilets, kitchen gardens and laundry.

Rainwater needs to be effectively treated, filtered and stored if it has to be potable. Special filters need to be installed for the same.