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Dogs are known as "man's best friend" and for good reason.

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Benefits Gained by Giving Away Promotional Products

The earliest known promotional products are commemorative pins that were issued during the election of President George Washington in 1789. If anybody has one of it in good condition, it will probably sell for a big amount at auctions.

In the early days, there were calendars and a few other pieces given away by companies to their clients. Today, there are thousands of types of promotional products that several catalogues are mailed by sellers all the time. There are even large trade fairs held every year just to be able to showcase the sellers and new items that they are offering are company promotional products.

Why use promotional giveaways?

Personalized Reminders- promotional products like calendars, desk planners, flash drives, golf balls and accessories, when of good quality, will most probably be used regularly by the clients. Since it has the corporate name and logo of the giver, the clients see it every day and naturally, the giver will not be forgotten. When the time comes when the client has another need for the supplier’s products, the giver of the promotional material will for sure be given a good chance of bagging the contract.





Live Advertisements- With the clients using corporate giveaways, it is inevitable that other people will see it, including the name of the giver. The supplier’s name and logo will then be introduced to new potential clients. And the fact that a friend or colleague is using the promotional products, it sends a subliminal message that the name and logo printed belongs to a reliable firm. A jackpot is when a client knowingly or unknowingly displays a supplier’s calendar with the name and contact details in it in a high traffic area like the office lobby. All the year’s clients and visitors who come will see the promotional material and get the silent endorsement. Corporate giveaways are therefore effective person to person advertisements that come at a cheap price.

Variety- Since corporate giveaways may be ordered in small quantities, there is the flexibility of giving various items every year. During the start of the year, it can be calendar giveaways followed by dashboard visors during summer. Thermos are most useful during the cold months and flash drives are probably good ideas during the start of the fiscal year. The giver is also given an excuse of giving away gifts more than once a year because the item being given is different from the previous giveaways. Various promotional products, with a corporate name and logo in it will look simply like “advertisements”. It will never be mistaken as a gift or a bribe.

Every company needs to advertise or keep close relations with their clients. Australian promotional products are very effective for both purposes.