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About Dogs is a place u can share the experiences you have had with your dog.

Dogs are known as "man's best friend" and for good reason.

They are loyal companions, who can also help alleviate some of their owner's health problems.

Tips on Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is both an exciting and a dreaded prospect. On one hand, you are thrilled at the prospect of buying a precious gift for someone you love while on the other hand you are not sure if it’s the best ring your money can buy. Relax and make your task simpler by approaching the task in a planned manner. Be sure about what you are looking for and know your options. You can either buy a preset engagement ring or buy loose diamonds for an exclusive bespoke ring. There are other factors to consider too, such as the reputation of the seller and the preference of the person you are buying for.





Know the Receiver’s Preferences

Purchasing an engagement ring as a surprise can be difficult so it would be prudent to have your partner by your side. That being said, if you still prefer the traditional way, you will have to find her size and preference subtly. If she’s already wearing a ring; request her to slide it off on any pretext and slide it over your own fingers. Keep a note of where it stops and a good jeweler would be able to fix an accurate size from that. If she’s not wearing a ring then talking to her friends or family in private can be a good idea. Or else, you can just discuss jewellery casually some day and try to gauge her preferences. Her existing style of clothes and jewellery (traditional/modern/fancy/large/simple etc) should give you an idea of the kind of engagement ring to buy for her.


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