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Styles of Corporate Explainer Videos

A website without videos is not search engine optimized. Online business has never been as competitive these days and you must explore all means in order to increase your ranking. Search engines like Bing can recognize your website if you will incorporate videos and corporate explainer videos are highly recommended as they will make it even friendlier to your website visitors. They can easily understand the uses and the special features of your products and services. Likewise, more memories are retained if they will watch videos than just read plain texts which could be very boring.

Listed below are the different styles of explainer videos:

Whiteboard corporate explainer videos

This style is very popular as it the interest of the viewers is sparked by the simple type of storytelling where the story is unfolded right before their eyes. These kinds of videos target the mature audience and professional audience as there are no animations or too much graphics but only simple lines on a whiteboard. The images are drawn through a digitalized hand as a voice on the background makes the explanation.


3D corporate explainer videos

This is similar to the 2D except that the images are more realistic and the colors exhibit more vibrancy. It is like coming to life and this style is more appealing to the younger generation.





2D corporate explainer videos

The two dimensional graphics is another style of explainer videos that will evoke the interests of the viewers because of the many creative ideas that come with this style of corporate explainer videos. The colors are more vivid and the images are more alive. This style is for all ages and it is an interesting way to present your products and services to your potential customers.

Claymation corporate explainer videos

The images or the graphics are made out of clay and then they are captured in print frame by frame before they are edited and this style is also called the stop motion animation. The process is very tedious and expensive as well, but the resulting video is unique as the artists are made out of clay and appear like moving persons.

Live action corporate explainer videos

This is the simplest style if explainer videos where there are real persons as actors and actresses with props to explain the products and services that you offer.

The only disadvantage is that the hairstyles, the clothes, among others may look outdated after few years so you may need to reshoot the corporate explainer videos again.