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History of Coffee in Australia

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages across the world. Various countries produce different kinds of coffee beans adding to the volatile nature of the taste and bean. It is said that coffee has been in use since the thirteenth century. Over the years, there have been more varieties of crop and concoctions created to suit the taste preferences of different people across the world.

Coffee is said to have first been cultivated and used by the Middle Easterners and then Arabs, onwards to the Africa and eventually the Americas.

If you own a cafeteria, using kitchen equipments are necessary as your business won't work without those things.





The story in Australia

It has been said that the influence of Greek and Italian style cafes in the major cities of Australia between the 1960s and 1970s led to the widespread use of coffee. Most of these cafes offered various types of coffee concoctions to its customers.

Since the concept of cafes eventually became a social one, people started meeting over a cup of coffee often.

Today Australia boasts of its own home themed cafes and chains across the countryside. International coffee chain brands like Starbucks and Gloria Jean also have their chains spread across Australia.

Although the drink was initially a European tradition, it is not difficult to find several Australian coffee drinkers today. The endless cafes and large number of flavours and beans make it an interesting drink at any time of the day.

When you choose to make a frappe coffee, try to use a balanced quantity of the ingredients. The frappe is not supposed to be a strong coffee. It is more of a leisure drink. If you want a strong, stimulating flavour it would make sense to opt for an espresso instead.

With these helpful tips, you would be sure to make an enjoyable cup of coffee using a coffee grinder quite easily.