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How to Steam Clean Your Carpet

Because of the busy schedule you have, more often than not, you would just choose to hire for all kinds of help you need at home. Especially in housekeeping, where the job is tiresome and a bit challenging, you would think it is better to just ask someone else to have it done for you and pay them, right? But then, it would still be better if you knew how to handle these things yourself, for not all the time, hired helps are always the best solutions. Most homeowners out there still opt for the DIY style of taking care of their homes.

Like carpet steam cleaning Sydney, for instance.

If this is the first time you have decided to steam clean your carpet by yourself, then here are a few simple tips on how to do it yourself.

1) Vacuum first. Since carpet steamers are designed to wash away the carpet stains, you should vacuum first for the dust and dirt on your carpet. Make sure that you are also removing the dirt and dust from your baseboards so they would not just go back to your freshly cleaned carpet afterwards






2) Remove all furniture. If possible, remove all furniture on your carpet, or at least the smaller one that you can move and place them in another room. Make sure to put either aluminum foil or wax paper beneath the edges of the furniture you cannot move. This is to keep them from avoiding any moisture in the carpet after steam cleaning.

3) Treat the stains. Yes, the whole point of steam cleaning your carpet is to remove the dirt and grime, but the heat build-up will cause some of the stains to remain. Other times, the cleaning process forces the grime to the carpet pads, and the carpet fibers lift them to the surface, and so you would notice the stains returning few days after you cleaned your carpet.

4) Use the steam machine properly. Make sure to read the equipment manual first, especially if it’s your first time to use the machine. Since most of steam machines are designed to leave the water when you push forward and siphon when you pull back, make sure to pull it back slowly so that you can remove as much water as possible, to avoid molds and other horrible odors due to excess water left behind.

It’s easy to do it yourself right? Juts keep in mind these simple reminders and you’re good to go.