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A Professional Carpet Cleaner for your Home

It’s not easy to find people who have strong opposition to having carpets installed in their homes. Carpets are nice and easy on the eyes, soft to look at, generally no slippery and safer to fall in compared to hard floors. On actual usage, people would more comfortably sit on carpeted floors and even enjoy it. They can enjoy their favorite board games, watch television programs and simply lounge around their carpeted floors.

While there are a lot of advantages to having carpets installed in their homes, there also exist disadvantages. One is higher maintenance. A carpet requires regular upkeep. Homeowners and household helps should examine and clean every part of the carpet since it can easily collect dust and moisture. If not regularly maintained carpets can easily look dirty and uninviting and even emit unsanitary smell. It is not hard to imagine smelly and moist carpets that give the entire house a very uninviting atmosphere.

Because of that, a trained carpet cleaner is highly recommended for regular maintenance. While it may sound expensive, it is actually not. The members of the household can take it upon themselves to maintain specific areas of the house which they can inspect and clean regularly. When accepted as a part of their regular routines, inspecting and regular cleaning such as vacuuming of the carpet floors can be done very easily and fast. Vacuuming the carpet refer to the use of a vacuum cleaner wherein dust, dirt and moisture is sucked from the carpet. Various types of vacuum cleaners have recently been introduced and there are models that blow air pressure to agitate and lift stubborn dirt which can later be sucked by the machine. There are also spray jets for deep cleaning. Robotic vacuum cleaners may also be used to make the carpet maintenance process less cumbersome.

In addition, a periodic appointment with a professional carpet cleaner is also recommended. Cleaning professionals can easily spot neglected and potentially troublesome areas and initiate professional remedy.









The professional carpet cleaner may take care of the carpet in different ways such as: Steam Cleaning, Dry Cleaning, hot water extraction, shampooing and many other methods.

For this article, let us examine the hot water extraction method. Compared to steam cleaning, hot water extraction does not heat water to such temperature that it is converted to hot gas. In this method, the hot water is sprayed by the carpet cleaner deep into the fibers to loosen tough dirt and stains. The water is then sucked out by strong vacuum until the carpet is close to being dry. In this process, the use of additional heavy duty fans and other ventilation systems are recommended to speed up the drying time.

For all carpet maintenance requirements, contracting a professional carpet cleaner is highly recommended. These professionals have handled various types of fibers and can very well maintain it more than anybody else. With them handling periodic carpet maintenance, they can also recommend to the homeowners the best way the household can keep the carpets looking new and fresh.

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