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Reasons Why Carpets Are Considered a Common Germ Infested Place

Carpet is unique in its own way – while it covers blank spaces, cracks and dust on the floor, it also is responsible for collecting the maximum amount of germs, dust and other impurities. Among the most pest infected places in a house, carpets are ones which are equally dangerous as they are at your home, where your family stays, your children play or maybe your parents walk. This is why carpet cleaning is one of the most important things to preserve the fabric, colour and life of a carpet. If you are not thinking about cleaning them yet, here are a few reasons why you should clean them, and why they are considered a common germ infested place.

Always exposed

Carpets are always exposed. These are there either in your living room or in your bedroom. These are not covered, but are used to cover other spaces and conceal bad floors. So there’s no scope to protect them from the external environment. Sometimes there is dust formation, but people are not able to know about it. Eventually the dust formation results in germ build up, which is again not easy to detect. This is the reason carpets become one of the most infested places.





People keep walking

Another reason why carpets are infested are because people constantly come and go. They walk on the carpets; sometimes wipe off their dirty or wet feet. This gives rise to mildew and germs over time. Worst is, people don’t clean them as soon as they spot a problem area. Contact carpet cleaning services Adelaide.