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Advantages of Marketing Pens as a Marketing Strategy

One of the marketing strategies for a small business is to distribute items that are utilitarian. As a businessman, you have the option to hire the services of a marketing executive who can strategize on how you can be recognized by consumers. Though this option is proven to be effective, it can be costly. Another option to consider is to give-out marketing pens with your company’s logo on it. Listed below are some advantages of using these marketing pens to get recognized by consumers:


As a new businessman, you do not want to spend too much money on your marketing campaign. If you choose to advertise through pens, the cost is not as huge compared if you will advertise through television commercial, magazines, and mailings. The cost of marketing pen is affordable and you can order by bulk so that you will be given a discount. Typically, the more pens you order, the bigger the discount is. In addition, you can even choose the design or the look of the pen. The colors are very varied to make the marketing pens as catchy as possible.



Walking advertisement

The good thing with pens is that you can include all the necessary information needed so your potential customers can contact you. You may include your address, telephone numbers and your website. Since it is something that they use on a daily basis, it will create memory retention. Even if they have no use for the products that you sell at the moment, they can remember your business when the need arises.

If your target market is students, you can ask for a pen design that has three ink buttons- black, blue, and red. If you want to give it as gift for your clients, choose a pen that is slightly higher in cost- a pen that is made from high-quality materials and elegant-looking. Marketing pens can be designed according to whom you will distribute them to.


Though items such as flash light, caps and shirts are good marketing ideas, marketing pens are the better option. Why? Because these pens are used every day. Everybody has a need for a pen-from students to homemakers to office workers. Unlike other marketing items when the recipients may have no use of them, there is a chance that they will just throw these items away. But, not in the case of marketing pens. These items are utilitarian and they can take it with them anywhere they go.