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Be Careful of dog Breeding Program

I wrote this letter after regretfully participating in a dodgy dog breeding ‘program’ -

I am shocked with everything you did last weekend. You seem to have completely lost sight of the fact you are dealing with peoples pets, not just items or products. I love my dogs like most people love their children. I give them a wonderful life - My dogs run in the fields chasing the birds every yours? My dogs swim in the fresh rainwater creek 3 – 4 days a week when the water is clear you dogs get this?

The groomer told me that swimming so often causes tangles and knots. So that is a consequence we live with, and try to keep on top of. We think the tangles are worth the swimming....I tell them as I brush them. I always I spend 2 hours a day with them....playing hose games, brushing them, giving tummy rubs and tickles, training them....developing their intelligence. They have running races and give thanks for their food each time they eat. Do your dogs get all this?

I keep electronic diary alarms for their flea and tick medication, heartworm treatments and birthdays. I am continually complimented by other dog owners on their condition and obedience and overall wellbeing and treatment. I am asked for advice often.

I cook rice to go with their meat....they have a good diet. Rebel has put on weight since Luci has been away....he doesn’t have her to race in the fields, so he just trots along side me sniffing around now. He really misses her. My babies feel the love I have for them, and I see it in their eyes. They love me back.

Then I come to your place and you tell me I am not looking after them....that I am a bad parent. Now you know what you get for telling someone they are a bad parent. It’s just don’t say that. How dare you.I turned up and you said “I want to say hi to Rebel”. I watched you go over and frisk him like a prisoner....then said “There is one” as you found a tangle in his hair. That moment I felt a fight coming on.....I bit my tongue. You didn’t want to say hi to Rebel at all.

You sure have made some big cock ups this year Rachael. I don’t care that they are the first in 15 years or whatever. If I went on holiday and asked you to do my job I would expect similar disasters. What were you thinking going on holiday and trying to get us to do your job? My honest opinion is you blamed it all on me because you look so unprofessional in front of your new boyfriend. That right there is my strong honest feeling.

I want to make the point that your first mistake was giving me a non-breeding fertile pair, and expecting me to go through year after year, season after season policing them so they don’t mate. How stupid; it is inevitable that some day she will get pregnant. Then you blame me.

I want to make another point that you were advised as requested, kept up to the minute with updates that the puppies were coming. You were told on the phone and by text message that she was ‘nesting and panting and it is time you should get her’. You did not come get her.

That night was hot. You said so yourself last weekend, when making another reason for Luci’s panting. Yet you blamed me for the sick puppies death “she has died of the cold”. must have looked terribly unprofessional in front of your new boyfriend, and I was in your crosshairs for the blame.

That night I slept on the couch from 8:30pm with Luci in my sight, just a few feet away....the door open, a warm evening. I got up and checked her at 10:30pm then moved into my room so I could use the air conditioning. I left the door agar so I could hear her. (wondering why am I doing this anyway?) At 12:30am I heard the puppies, so I got up and found them all in the furry warm nest feeding on a resting Luci. Why would you come out at midnight when you wouldn’t come out in the afternoon? I stayed up with them a while and was convinced they were all warm and everything seemed well (to the untrained eye.) So I waited till 6 am to let you know. Even then you didn’t seem to have any urgency.

You sure do want an awful lot to be involved with your dog breeding. My friends ask me why I do it...... I say just because I love dogs. They say I would be so much better off just to have paid for the dogs in the first place. Now I agree with them. If I had known I had to do all that I have done, and what you are now asking, I would never had agreed to it.

Had I read your one sided contract you claim everybody signs, I would have left straight away. I don’t believe anybody is stupid enough to agree to things like -

  • Everything is done according to your terms.
  • They will not legally own, or register the pet as their own.
  • Can’t microchip the pet as their own.
  • Pay for all medical care and preventative medicines.
  • Live where you tell them to live.
  • Provide ALL the transport for the breeder at own cost and time.
  • Can’t clip your pet.
  • No say in an agreed date to end the breeding.
  • .....then receive $NIL for the litter
  • Then pay for the de-sexing!

All in return for the grand payment of 1 x puppy.....that is never really even handed over, and risks being stolen back. All while the dog pounds and Border Collie rescue are full of purebred Border Collies they cant give away. Reading your ‘contract’ just made me angrier last weekend. I didn’t, wouldn’t sign this ridiculous list of demands and never will.

You seem to have forgotten there are two parties involved here. If you knew anything about negotiating, or maintaining relationships with people, is that it must be a two way street.

I want Luci back. I have reluctantly decided to allow you to use Rebel for breeding on agreed terms. We will sign an agreement suitable for both parties. One thing for certain is he will be registered and micro-chipped to me, you will sign to agree he is my dog, that you use for breeding. Another thing that is for certain is that he will NEVER leave my sight again while you are present. The bitches can come here and Luci will go to my friends place while they mate. Luci will be returned to me and I will have her de-sexed. You have had your chance and you blew it. I have fulfilled my obligation to you....she is not a puppy factory.

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