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Advantage of Using Plantation Shutters

Are you having problems with organizing Tired of old looking windows? Tired of using the typical curtains? How about you use something else instead? Something you never tried but have been thinking of trying. Like plantation shutters for example. Plantation shutters are can be your curtain and your blinds at the same time. These plantation shutters are brought to America by the Spanish people. Since then, it has been use replace curtains and blinds to be installed in the windows. By using the plantation shutters, you will feel safe and you have a total privacy in the outside world. Plantation shutters are made up of different kind of materials so there are a lot to choose from to match your rooms.


But first you have to ask yourself why use Plantation Shutters Brisbane instead or curtains, blinds and other window coverings? Let us look into it.


Plantation shutters versus Curtains

We all know that curtains are what is commonly used as a wall covering in almost all houses all over the world. Curtains have been the most commonly used window covering because it really serves its purpose well. In terms of having your privacy, the curtains can really give you a total privacy from the outside world. But in terms of air and sunlight, it is the curtains’ downside.


Yes, we do not want too much light to enter in our house and the curtain can really give us the amount of shade that we want. But at the same time, the curtain is also blocking the fresh air that could enter our house.






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If this is your situation, the inside of your house will feel really hot causing you to just open your window and curtains to let the air enter, but at the same time, you are also letting the light enter and you just eliminated your privacy. On the other hand, if you use plantation shutters which are commonly known as interior blinds, you will be able to have a full control of your privacy, the light the enters in and you will be able to let the air enter without letting the light enter at the same time. These interior blinds are commonly made up of different types of woods so it looks really sophisticated at it will add to the elegant ambiance of the house. When you use these interior blinds, even if you close it to give yourself some privacy or shade yourself from the light, the air can still enter your house because these interior shutters have intervals in between its blade.


Plantation shutters versus Blinds

These plantation shutters is similar to blinds but they still have a big difference in terms of look and design. Because these plantation shutters are made of wood, they are made with a sophisticated look and the design will surely impress you because you have a variety to choose from. Since it is wood, it is also an energy saving interior blinds because the air can just easily pass through woods and it also has a cooling effect unlike plastics or metals.