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Steps in Designing and Constructing Shade Structures

Shade structures are protective coverings that are designed to cover your property from direct sunlight. They can be found in most home supply stores and online stores that specialize in custom shade structures. Shade structures are especially helpful in hot, tropical climates. Here are some ideas to help you design your own shade structures:

- Observe the parts of your property where shade structures are needed during different times of the day. Take note of how much sun they get in the morning, the noon, and afternoon. Also take note of nearby architecture, posts, trees, and shrubs. Keep a record of these things as well as the shape and size of the area where the existing plants and structures create a shade.

- Decide how much more shade you want to add to the already shaded area. Think about what shape is best for each area and what type of materials you want to use. Chose shade structures that are made of a material that fits the intended use of the area. For instance, pools and spas do not necessarily have to be shaded from the sun in all directions. Outdoor kitchens and barbecue areas should have shade structures that make it possible for smoke to dissipate. Most parts of parks need to be shaded from the sun all throughout the day. Play areas, bleachers, picnic tables, and benches should be covered from the sun in all directions.











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- Sketch the design of the shade structures. Decide what kind of support the shade structures will need then price the materials needed for the whole structure. Remember that it is important to consider high winds, tornadoes, and other environmental factors in choosing the materials and the needed support for shade structures. If you are going to do this project on your own, it is best to choose the simplest design but if you want more complex designs, seek the help of professionals.

- Once you have purchased the materials, you can start building the shade structures according to your sketched design. Make sure that they are anchored in concrete structures. Since these shade structures will be constantly exposed to the heat of the sun, make sure they are made of UV-resistant materials.

With the help of shades and sails Brisbane, it can protect your family and your property from the sun throughout the day. Whether you decide to use canopies, tents, arbors, umbrellas, or gazebos, your home will be at least 10 degrees cooler than before the presence of shade structures.

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