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Everything to know about Granny Flats

Granny flats are often secondary suites that are built as additional dwelling places, along with the primarily existing home. This has been a common term in Australia, as a part of urban planning. This additional dwelling would possibly accommodate only one unit, comprising of a living room, kitchen and bathroom. It is considered to be an ‘accessory’ unit either attached or detached from the primary dwelling residence. It is just normal to any dwelling with a separate entrance, common lawn and exteriors. Granny flats builder make the best out of the existing residence place, by meeting all the requirements of the clients to their utmost satisfaction.

Granny Flats builder Perth can perform various purposes, ranging from attic apartments for accommodating family members, rental spaces to add revenue or even as a pool house to enhance the backyard beauty. There are different types of suites built by granny flats builder, on the basis of need and space availability. Most of the suites are built above the rear detached garage, known as the garage apartment. In addition, certain granny suites are built above or below the main floor of the single-detached dwelling, known to be basement suite. There are also possibilities for building the suites attached to the dwelling. Sometimes, the granny suites builder would make the suite completely detached from the primary dwelling, often known as garden suite or a guesthouse. It could be even built as a pool house for giving a luxurious environment nearby a swimming pool. Pool houses can be a convenient option to save the hassle of cleanup after pool parties or dripping entry of members from pool to house.






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Apart from giving a sophisticated independent living space, these flats offer many other advantages as well. Though deeds restrictions and zoning laws sometimes ban renting, in many regions, granny flats do exist for other specific purposes. Tenants are offered with greater security on the property, particularly, when it is attached to the side or back lot. There are opportunities to share many amenities like transportation, lawn care, child care, maintenance tasks etc., with the occupants.

Granny flats builder make the best of the available living spaces for many uses. As multigenerational housing methods become an accepted norm, granny flats become more prevalent in the society. Purposefully, it could be used for families who want to accommodate aged parents. However, such apartments can be used for young adult members or nannies as well. Moreover, these granny flats are best rental units to increase monthly revenue. It possibly provides the realtors and granny flats builder a good selling point.

The size and layout of the granny flats vary significantly in respect to the detached structure. In most of the cases, granny flats are preferred much for its safety concern than as a matter of convenience.