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Demolition Job: Rules and Best Practices

Demolition contractors can only stay in business if they are able to follow a set of rules and best practices set by the government. The cost of demolition projects is expensive so they should always be done properly to minimize mistakes and mishaps.
Demolition projects are now easier to perform because of the invention of advanced equipment. Even high rise building can easily be destroyed. Although this advanced machinery makes the job of building contractors and demolition experts easier, there are practices that can speed up the process even more. Here are the best practices when it comes to demolition projects:

Determining what’s underneath building surfaces

The best demolition contractors will make sure the building they are working on has been checked thoroughly before it is destroyed. This includes the places under building surfaces where objects like electrical wires are present. They can be hazardous to both the machines and the workers. Asbestos may also be present in some areas that can pose a risk to workers when the particles are released into the air.


Using only the best tools

Demolition contractors rely on technology and advanced machineries to make their job easier and faster. High tech equipment may cost a lot more but they are safer and will provide the best results.






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Wearing protective gear

All people working in demolition projects need to wear protective gear. This is because the particles and dusts released during the demolition may be harmful to everyone who gets exposed. Aside from the proper clothing and foot protection, high efficiency particulate air or HEPA respirators should be worn when handling dangerous demolition waste materials like asbestos and dust.

Because of the many health risks that come with demolition projects, it is best to look for demolition contractors that practice these safety measures. Better yet, go for the company that will not hold you responsible for any accidents and work-related-injuries that occur during the demolition.


Characteristics of a good demolition contractor

Before hiring a demolition contractor, don’t forget to ask for a portfolio of past jobs so you have an idea of how they work and how good their job can be. Talk to their previous clients or visit the sites of their previous projects. Also consider how much the contractor will charge for your project. Contractors who offer impossibly low costs will most probably deliver substandard results. Go for someone who gives you an estimate that lies somewhere in the middle.