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Modular Conveyor: Its Benefits and Importance

There are thousands of pieces that must come together to make a manufacturing facility work from the production stage to the packaging stage. Even though individual factories have different and unique methods, any manufacturer is vulnerable to common concerns that can make a production stop.

Conveyor is the most common piece of mechanical equipment that is mostly used in factories for production. Conveyors have a dramatic effect in the production, especially in maintaining a tight production schedule and flexible engineering production lines.

Benefits of Modular Conveyors

Although you may look at conveyors and think they are all created the same, a lot of factories have realized that modular conveyor systems can bring a dramatic effect on keeping tight production schedules, as well as flexible engineering production lines.

A simple conveyor will cost you a lot, especially when it comes to the inefficiency of production. If it breaks down, it will not work correctly or it can contaminate the product. There are a lot of things that you can get into trouble with. In the packaging stage, you can also come across with different pieces of equipment and the least thing you have to worry is the conveyor.





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Here are some of the benefits you can get from modular conveyor systems:

- Light-weight plastic modules can be easily reconfigured in order to meet varying needs.

- Use plastic modular conveyors in proposing and building standard traditional conveyor scheme, either it is a plain incline conveyor or multiple conveyors that handle postings.

- Traditional arrangements are the reasons to a possible build up of incline or overhead conveyor in just minutes.

- Schemes like modular conveyors have simple maintenance, where there is no required lubrication or oil

- It offers customization at very standard conveyor costs

- Modular conveyors are build up from high-impact, lightweight polycarbonate.

- You can easily select from a range of plastic belting, which are all ran by gravity rollers or the powered ones.

- Modular conveyors have externally or internally mounted eco-friendly energy efficient motors

In addition to this, the conveyor belting is easy to clean, which means it has low maintenance. Since the belt is usually constructed of plastic modules and hinge rods, as well as driven and tracked by plastic sprockets, factory operators will be guaranteed that they are resistant from corrosion and abrasion. They also have the ability to be built to almost any length and width, with different side guards, flights and other accessories. It also has other inherent qualities such as low friction, positive drives, and high strength.

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