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Air Conditioning Cleaning for Condenser

Regular air conditioning cleaning is recommended in order for your air conditioning unit to run properly. Especially during the days when the weather is cold because that is the best time to check if your air conditioner is functioning well after it has been cleaned. Actually, the most vital part of your air conditioning unit is the condenser. This functions mainly as a filtering device and is found outside the room where the unit is attached. As you go through this article, you will know how to do an air conditioning cleaning for your unit’s condenser.

During the air conditioning cleaning for a condenser, it is advised to concentrate on its fins first. These are the metal screen that is used in covering the unit. Since it is too much exposed to the outdoor elements, it gets dirty really fast. That is why, air conditioning cleaning for the condenser is meticulously done. Once this part is cleaned properly, it will keep your room cooler that the usual.








Turn off your AC unit prior to air conditioning cleaning. Using your vacuum, get away the minute dirt that has been trapped inside the blade of your air conditioning unit. In cleaning, apply mild pressure in order not to destroy the blades in your unit. In some air conditioning units though, they have this special covers that protect the blades. So, if you have this, remove the box properly before you start the vacuuming. The moment you see some broken or detached blades, make sure to have it repaired so that it won’t cause clogging at the condenser.

As you go on with the air conditioning cleaning of your condenser, go to the next step. Unscrew the fan and start cleaning the inner portion of your condenser. To have it cleaned really well, use a hose that gives out a light water pressure to ensure that you have properly eliminated the dirt inside it.

Finally, put electric motor oil in lubricating the movable parts in order to avoid causing friction with those items.

Regular cleaning is indeed important for your air condition units. It keeps your air conditioning unit function well even if you are using it for a long period of time.

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