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Price and Quality

Reputable window cleaning services include the price of cleaning supplies in their fee and are responsible for bringing their own supplies. You don’t really require a ton of items to clean up your windows. Generally, a few mops, wipe cloths, cleaning brushes, acidic component and eco friendly cleaning solutions will suffice. For cleaning the windows in high rise office buildings, cleaners generally bring along their mechanised equipments. If you have to provide your window cleaners with window cleaning supplies, you should either deduct a portion of their fees or hire a service that uses its own high quality supplies.

How to Choose the Best Window Cleaning Service?

Window cleaning is one job that people keep on procrastinating till their glass windows turn opaque due to accumulation of dirt and dust. It can be very difficult to reach up to windows high up from the ground.

You may not have the necessary equipments, skill or expertise to clean windows on the third or fourth floor. Purchasing expensive scrubbers, extension poles or scaffolding may not be a feasible option either for majority of the homeowners. The best alternative here is to hire window cleaners Caloundra who are experts at doing this dangerous job.






Technique and Equipment


People working for window cleaning services are keenly aware of which equipments they should use and what techniques they should employ to clean the different types of windows found in residential or commercial buildings.

Even then, you should talk to your window cleaner and enquire about the safe ways for cleaning windows high above the ground. Make sure they have the necessary equipments and safety gear for cleaning windows at high altitudes (tall skyscrapers).


SM cleaning have a professional team of cleaners who specialise in Bond and Window cleaning in the Nossa area.