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Benefits of Water Tanks

The major benefit of Water tanks is that it will help you save a lot of money that is spent on paying water bills. The only charges that you need to shell out are the initial setup charges and yearly maintenance charges which are negligible compared to the amount you spend on water bills.

Uses of Water Tanks

Once you have your water tank set up, you can get your year round supply of clean water. Why pay when you can get quality water for free? During draughts the demand for clean water increases and the cost of water becomes manifold. Installing water tanks keeps you self sufficient even during such times.

Council regulations have made it mandatory to install water tanks so that people learn to conserve water and avoid using chemically treated water that is harmful to the environment.





It is environment friendly

Although rain water is freely available, it is the most under-utilised source of water. The rain water falling within your house’s perimeter is sufficient for months. Once you have the water tank setup, you don’t have to depend on the town’s water supply of chemically treated water which is harmful for you, your plants and even the environment.

The process of desalination of sea water and chemical treatment is harmful to the environment as they release many chemicals and greenhouse gases in to the atmosphere. Rainwater on the other hand is completely eco-friendly and economical.

Want to conserve energy? Choose Solar Power.