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A Guide to Studio Photography


From an early age, you’ve always been captivated by images, both moving and still. You had this knack of segregating the sublime, from the mundane. During such moments you wished you had a camera to capture those spectacular moments. Photography indeed has come a long way, since the days of Eastman Kodak. Although information technology has brought about compelling changes in how one uses photographic equipment or takes photos, the indispensability of studios for professional macro or close-up photography remains.

Studio photography entails the setting up of an enclosure with the necessary photographic equipments. You can set up such an area in your home or office. Of course, you can always rent a studio for a photo shoot. Either you freeze shots of a speeding Mercedes or capture the image of a flower vase kept on a table, the fundamental principles of taking photographs in a studio remain the same. It’s all about controlling the subject or object, controlling the light, and controlling the environment.








The Importance of Camera



Cameras with SLR (single-lens reflex) always have an edge over ubiquitous aim and shoot cameras. Professional shutterbugs though don’t look beyond SLR cameras. Digitalization of the photography ensures that you can almost immediately have a look at the images that you’ve captured. A digital camera that can be directly set up with your computer does away with the need of a memory card. Studio photography was never more entertaining.