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Causes less problems

Ball valves cause less problems then gate valves. Gate valves get spoilt faster and when they do they can either stall your water supply or prevent you from shutting it if its gets spoilt while your tap is on. This leads to an unnecessary waste of water till you contact Brisbane plumbers to fix it. On the other hand, ball valves when they do get spoilt may not affect the water supply or flow. At the most, it will lead to tighter taps or leaking taps, which means that you can get it fixed at a later stage too, at your convenience.

Ball Valves Vs Gate Valves


Ball valves last longer than gate valves. When it comes to plumbing problems, you can never really be prepared. Every home owner has to deal with various kinds of plumbing problems on a regular basis. But what you can do from your end is make sure that you install better quality products and valves so that it delays plumbing problems from regularly occurring.

Plumber Broadbeach provide services for bathroom renovations, blocked drains, plumbing maintenance, etc.






Gate valves stop working after a period of disuse

If you go on a long holiday somewhere and return after several weeks or months, there are chances you won’t find any water in your taps. That’s because gate valves tend to automatically stop working if not used regularly. This can affect your entire plumbing system. Since gate valves take longer to fix, you will be needing the services of plumbing company so you won't suffer from low water supply or no water supply for few days.


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