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Swear on the form

Important applications like the divorce form need the validation of a person with legal authority just like a family lawyer. You will have to swear on the form or give a confirmation pertaining to the validity of your application in front of divorce lawyers, Justice of Peace or any other person holding a high rank. The person witnessing your swearing or signing should be legally authorised to supervise affidavits.

The Process of Applying for a Divorce

The process of applying for divorce is not as easy as it sounds. There are a number of formalities you have to complete and you have to plan out our financial future too. If children are involved the process becomes more complicated and its best that you take the expert advice of divorce lawyers. Still it’s better to have a basic idea of the steps required when you are filing for divorce.

Filling the divorce application form

The divorce application form contains stepwise instructions on how to successfully fill up the document. You will also have an online option of filling up the form through the electronic portal maintained by the Commonwealth Court.

Seek advice from family provision lawyers to help you with it.





Proper filing


You have to make two Xerox copies of your completed application form and then attach it with all supporting documents. Your next step will be to file your form at the registry of family law. Along with your filed application you need to include a copy of the marriage certificate.

If you are not eligible for a fee rebate, you will have to pay the full divorce application fee. If you belong to a different nationality, you will have to produce valid proof of citizenship. After you file your application, the court will give you a file number and an expected date of hearing.

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