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What Is Computer Data Recovery And Why Might You Need It?

Data recovery is a computing term that is used to describe a situation where data stored on a desktop computer or a laptop is lost. In this scenario, data recovery measures would be taken to restore the data. There are many reasons why data can be lost and many different ways that it can be restored.

The Most Common Causes of Human Errors

One of the causes of data loss is human error. A user may, for example, delete a file from their computer by mistake and may need to use data recovery solutions or tools to get it back. In this instance, the user could use the Recycle Bin facility or, if that doesn't work, use specialist software or a data recovery expert to find the file on their system and to restore it.

Data is lost by overenthusiastic computer buffers who mess around with their system. Playing with partitions, for example, can result in data loss -- there are specific programs that can help restore data if this happens. Sometimes, it is simple to click on the wrong button when you are working on your computer and to see data loss as a result because you inadvertently mess with the system itself. Again, there are a variety of programs that could offer a solution here.

Another common reason for data loss is physical damage to your computer or one of its parts. If you accidentally drop your computer case, then you could damage some of the delicate parts that make your system work. The damage here could well result in data loss. This kind of harm is usually best handled by a data recovery specialist unless you have the technical skills yourself.









Viruses can cause data loss problems when files are corrupted as can software bugs. The solution here is often to run only your anti-virus program or to install one if you haven't got round to it! The anti-virus software will source the virus and get rid of it at which point you shouldn't have the corruption problem.

It is also possible to need to recover data from a variety of computer peripherals such as portable storage media such as disks and drives. The solution to problems here will depend on the damage/cause of the data loss. Sometimes, a simple software fix will help you restore your data here and sometimes you will need expert help.

The Perfect Solution

Don't think that you will never need data recovery yourself. It is easy to believe that this kind of thing only happens to people who are careless or who do not take good care of their equipment, but this is not necessarily the case. Computers are made of various key components which can sometimes just fail without warning. These kinds of mechanical failures often bring with them data loss of some kind. In some cases, you may lose files and in others, you may not be able to use your operating system at all. There are various fixes here most of which are best carried out by an experienced computer data recovery Sydney expert.