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Understand your body type

Before picking up a cocktail dress, you must realize the merits and drawbacks of your body type. Whether you have that hourglass figure, or whether you are slightly on the heavier side — all you need to do is just camouflage your problem areas and highlight your assets. It is not about the choosing the perfect dress, it is about choosing the dress that suits your body perfectly.

Tips for choosing a cocktail dress

Be it a work function, or a night out with your friends, a cocktail dress might come in handy any time. Pair it up with a shrug or just hang a scarf loosely round your neck. Experiment with accessories and shoes. If the dress is right, it will look pretty with any accessory you choose. So make a wise choice while buying a cocktail dress. It can make you look and feel beautiful.

You must be comfortable with the length that you choose. No matter how expensive or beautiful your cocktail dress may be, never select a length that you might regret later.






Think about the occasion


The occasion is also a very important criterion that would decide what kind of cocktail dress you are going to flaunt. Not all kinds of dresses are suitable for all occasions. For example, if you are going to an official party, it’s best to pick up a long, elegant dress.
On the other hand, for more casual occasions, you can go all feminine and flirty with a short, strappy number. So before deciding on what to wear, think carefully about where you will be wearing it. That will give you a whole new insight about what you choose.

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