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Commercial Cleaners

Search in a supermarket for commercial grade cleaners that can remove tea and coffee stains. However, coffee or tea stain removers of commercial grade can discolour your carpet and create an ugly, faded blotch (probably because of the presence of strong chemicals).

Cleaning Your Carpet of Coffee Spills

Coffee spills on the carpet are the hardest to remove, especially if the stain is an old one. Following are some methods of carpet cleaning that you can try. If everything else fails to remove coffee stains from your brand new carpet, you should give a ring to Carpet cleaners Melbourne.


If you do not have the time to start scrubbing with a brush, pail and carpet detergent, you can cover up the coffee stain with salt. The wet patch resulting from spilled coffee will dry up due to the effect of salt and salt can significantly lessen a stain.





Moisten the Stain


Before treating the stain on your carpet, pour water on the coffee stain and moisten the patch thoroughly. This will help lighten the stain.

Vinegar, Baking Soda and Mild Detergent

It is possible to lighten a coffee stain with the help of vinegar solution, baking soda and mild bleach free dish detergent or soap. White foam shaving cream may also help in cleaning up the spill.

You have to wash the affected area and its surroundings with bleach free detergent or mild soap and then lighten the stain with foamy, white shaving cream. If you rub the detergent too hard into the carpet, the coffee stain will be pushed further down into your carpet and will become deep seated.


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